20 Days, 20 Ways of Giving

Written by Activate Care Staff

Throughout the month of November, we have been sharing different ways to help your community. We truly believe in the importance of random acts of kindness and making a difference in your community through giving - whether it's time, money, or even just giving your voice to a cause that needs more awareness.

Here's a roundup of various ways you can use your power to give back:
  1. Give a lending ear to someone in need.
  2. Donate sanitized, gently used books to the library.
  3. Ask nursing homes and local senior centers how you can help.
  4. Eat/shop local.
  5. Virtually read to someone who is sick or on bed rest.
  6. Take shoes or clothes to a donation center.
  7. Educate yourself on disparities in your community and advocate for newly elected policymakers to make improvements in those areas. Use this tool to identify the needs in your own area.
  8. Buy groceries for an elderly person and deliver them to their doorstep.
  9. Write a thank you message to a community hero to show your appreciation.
  10. Make a stranger's day better by paying for the car behind you in a drive through, or leaving a kind note on a stranger's windshield.
  11. Prepare homeless kits and keep them in the back of your car to distribute. Examples of items to include in kit can be gloves, water, protein bars, or socks.
  12. Spend some time teaching a senior how to use technology.
  13. Rake leaves, shovel snow, clean the gutters, or wash windows for a senior citizen.
  14. Help build a home with Habitat for Humanity. Click here to find opportunities to get involved near you. 
  15. Donate money or food to your local food bank. Use this map to find a food bank near you. 
  16. Check on your friends and family. The holidays can be a hard time for lots of people, so check in on your loved ones and let them know they're not alone.
  17. Raise awareness for a cause you care about.
  18. Pay for someone's gas or leave a generous tip to your waiter or waitress.

Check back on this list for the final two ways to give back. It takes a community to make changes and make a difference in the world - this applies to what we do within our own community, and the work we do every day to help people deliver better health outcomes. Join us in our mission to help the world act differently. We wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and holiday season.



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