Activate Care in the News: Empowering Community Information Exchange in 42 States

By: Activate Care Staff | March 25, 2021

The Activate Care team is proud to support 2-1-1 Call Centers, community-based organizations, hospitals and healthcare systems, and government agencies as they use the Activate CareHub to bring together all public health stakeholders to share integral data, processes, and technology.

We are engaging with organizations in 42 states to help communities improve their healthcare and social services ecosystem through collaboration and our integrated technology.

Our CEO and co-founder Ted Quinn describes our mission: “We’ve got to alleviate what I call ‘that’s not my job syndrome’ to ensure that all players working towards better public health have the tools they need to not just screen for SDOH issues, but intervene and drive change. We’ve seen when communities recognize that appropriately exchanging information across their community care provider networks, that positive change does happen.”

Learn more about the work we're doing across the country to help communities deliver better health outcomes. Join us!

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