Community with Activate Care: Introducing the Community Care Record

By: Activate Care Staff | January 20, 2022
Community with Activate Care| Episode 1: Introducing the Community Care Record  

In this episode

In the pilot episode of Community, our Founder and CEO, Ted Quinn, is joined by our Chief Health Equity Officer, Dr. John Loughnane. They dive into what exactly the Community Care Record offers program managers and their care teams, and how Activate Care’s tools and services help them drive efficiency, effectiveness, and measurable outcomes for their community.


  • Outcomes depend on what happens outside the four walls of the clinic (5:45
  • The evolution of care that led to our development of the Community Care  Record (6:30)
  • There needs to be measurable and adjustable best practices for social interventions (13:55)
  • The sub-cap model (18:50)
  • Data needs of CBOs (22:00)


Learn more about the all-new Community Care Record:



About the speakers:

Ted Quinn MBA John Loughnane MD

Ted Quinn is the Founder and CEO of Activate Care. Ted has more than 25 years of experience working in technology and healthcare.

Inspired by his mother who provided hospice care for friends and neighbors entering a challenging time in life, Ted understands the importance of compassion in caring for others. He envisions a future of SDOH that depends on whole person care models where communities recognize the importance of individual care. 

John Loughnane, MD, is Activate Care’s Chief Health Equity Officer. Named in 2019 by Modern Healthcare as one of the Top 25 Innovators in healthcare, Loughnane has had a long career devoted to health equity.

He has served as Chief Medical Officer and Chief of Innovation at Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA), and is board certified in family practice, hospice, and palliative care medicine. He previously founded CCA’s Life Choices Palliative Care Program and Mobile Integrated Health Program.



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