Activate Care Webinar | Winning in the Era of SDOH Care

SDOH is more than just industry jargon. We’re now five years into a 20-year business cycle  what we call the Era of SDOH Care. Is your organization winning? 

To thrive in this new era, winning healthcare and social services organizations will embrace four mutually reinforcing market imperatives to deliver high-quality SDOH care. Join Activate Care's CEO Ted Quinn on Tuesday, November 19 to learn what practices successful organizations use along their journey to SDOH care and the strategic and operational reset that companies have to make to drive ROI.

What you'll learn from this webinar

  • What SDOH care means today and how it has evolved over time
  • Who SDOH leaders are, how they behave, and what they’re able to achieve
  • How to categorize SDOH care interventions based on their likelihood to succeed
  • Who the stakeholders are in SDOH care and how potential stakeholders can play a role
  • The size of the SDOH care market
  • The kinds of SDOH care experiences consumers are interested in
  • A four-part breakdown of the new definition of SDOH care
  • Eleven best practices for SDOH care stakeholders

Partners we’re working with on this topic:

  • Ken Shapiro, Marin County Health & Human Services
  • Linda Elam, Amerigroup District of Columbia
  • Katelyn Young, Activate Care
  • Victor Murray, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
  • Justin Pasquariello, East Boston Social Centers
  • Paul Mina, Massachusetts 211
  • Martin Love, North Coast Health Improvement & Information Network
  • Greg Bloom, Open Referral
  • Mark Vafiades, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT
  • Kiera Armstrong, Intrepid Ascent
  • Ken Mandl, Harvard Medical School & Boston Children’s Hospital
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