Activate Care in the News: Empowering Better Communication Among Community Healthcare Stakeholders

By: Activate Care Staff | May 5, 2021

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Ted Quinn, was recently featured on MarketScale’s podcast “I Don’t Care” with Kevin Stephenson. In the episode, Ted covers everything from the basics of a Community Information Exchange (CIE)*, to how COVID-19 has highlighted the need for different ways to coordinate care, to the ways Activate Care can help organizations deliver better health outcomes.

Health systems and organizations in communities across the country are beginning to recognize that we need a better way to coordinate care between the different care providers that work with those same people in a given community. As Ted describes: “Touchpoints in the community can provide meaningful data and can inform how care is delivered in the clinical setting."

There is great value in a platform that enables all the stakeholders in a community to come together in a shared place to create a coordinated plan to help the patients they see. Activate Care helps organizations improve care for their patients by facilitating communication between these organizations so terminologies, priorities, incentive program, and communication are all consistent across a community.

Listen to the full podcast here.


*‘Community Information Exchange’ and/or ‘CIE’ are registered trademarks of Community Information Exchange, Inc., and no claim of ownership is made thereto by any use herein.

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