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Collaborator Spotlight: Love Life Now Foundation

Imagine a world where people didn’t experience intimate partner violence. Unfortunately, this type of violence is prevalent enough to warrant an awareness month. October has been established as Domestic Violence (DV) Awareness Month in an effort to highlight the issues around this epidemic. However, it takes more than an awareness month to bring recognition to this problem, so folks like Lovern Gordon make it their mission to spread the important message. 

Lovern is the president of Love Life Now Foundation (LLN) based in Massachusetts. I recently spoke with Lovern and she left me in awe of the work she’s doing to help folks throughout the world who experience DV. As a survivor herself, Lovern knows first-hand what people need during a crisis. LLN promotes year-round awareness against DV and bridges the gap between shelters nationwide and the communities they serve. 

Since the pandemic hit the United States, Lovern’s organization has seen a 70% increase in reported domestic violence cases. As she explains, “the issues are not always black and white when it comes to escaping or leaving these relationships, so when questions like ‘Why don’t victims just get up and leave?’, you must understand that it is not always the easiest or safest thing to do without help.” According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, there are on average more than 10 million adults who experience domestic violence annually across the United States, and leaving is the most dangerous time for these individuals. If Lovern’s organization alone is seeing a 70% increase during the pandemic, what rates are the rest of the country experiencing?

How can we help domestic violence advocates like Lovern?

At Activate Care, our team continuously looks for ways to help others in need. As a mission-driven company, it’s in our DNA. Within five minutes of speaking with Lovern, I wanted to offer our support.

She told me: “Well, Dave, there are many ways to help, but let me tell you what we can do if someone wants to leave a situation. We can provide a hotel for victims if there is no immediate shelter space in the state available, if they need to travel out of state, we can provide a rental car and gas card, if there is a need for food or clothing in the hours or days after leaving, we can help give a leg up to them with any DV related expenses to support them in their Get Safe journey.” 

Lovern’s organization helps folks throughout the country and worldwide. “For us, it’s all about education on resources and how anyone can be part of the solution. I conduct education seminars at small, medium, and large corporations as well as schools to help bring this topic into the light. Knowing where to go and what is available is critical,” says Lovern.

All of the resources to combat this issue come from donations. If you would like to make a secure financial donation like I just did, please click here. If you would like to learn more about domestic violence support resources, click here. Maybe, just maybe, if we promote enough awareness and generate sufficient financial support, the following generations can see a world without domestic violence. I would like to imagine it IS possible. Join us in making that happen.