Recognizing Nurses and Midwives on World Health Day 2020

April 7th is World Health Day, and this year we're recognizing nurses and midwives, and their important contributions to their communities. Here at Activate Care, our team wants to express our gratitude and support to these heroes, today and every day. We’ve put together some ways you can support and show your gratitude to the healthcare workforce, especially during this pandemic.

Get them what they need.

Hospitals are severely lacking the personal protective equipment they need. Healthcare workers are putting themselves at risk by going to work every day, and without the necessary PPE, nobody is safe. Colleges such as CLTCC are utilizing 3D printers to produce PPE.

Click here to donate your PPE to hospitals in your area.


Photo by: [Brendan McDermid/Reuters]

Support efforts in your local community. 

Communities are coming together in this scary, uncertain time by donating food to their local hospitals, offering discounts for hospital staff, and offering up airbnb’s for free.

Here are 20 ways to support your nurses.

Say thanks. 

Let these heroes know you appreciate them. Thank them for their hard work by hanging signs in your house windows, and reaching out to family and friends who work in hospitals. Social media is an effective platform to show your support. #SupportHealthcareHeroes.

Without nurses, there would be no response, so let's continue to show our support for this workforce.