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Activate Care and Kronos Health Partner to Address Social Determinants of Health

Partnership helps patients address issues like housing, food, transportation

BOSTON – October 11, 2022 – Activate Care®, a leader in social risk management solutions, today announced a partnership with Kronos Health. The primary healthcare provider based in Lawrence, MA has begun offering Activate Care’s Path Assist, a proactive model that addresses a person’s SDOH-driven needs and navigates them through an intervention with a Community Health Navigator to improve patient outcomes and lower costs of care.

By driving action upstream, Path Assist takes a whole-person approach to care interventions – a departure from the traditional model that retroactively responds to healthcare events, such as a visit to the emergency room triggered by a lack of shelter.

“I believe we need to redesign primary health care delivery to better serve the needs of all patients,” said Dr. Scott Early, founder of Kronos Health. “By deploying Activate Care’s Path Assist, we are taking a proactive approach to the factors that impact a person’s health, such as housing, food security and transportation, in order to better address the whole patient and drive better health outcomes and improve people’s quality of life.”

How it Works
Path Assist is available to all patients within Kronos Health’s community. Once enrolled, patients are assigned a Community Health Navigator (CHN) who listens to their needs, helps create goals, connects them to local resources and services and coaches them to improve health confidence.

To take advantage of the program, people need to follow four easy steps:

Sign up online or ask their provider
Complete a screening to help understand each individual’s needs
Connect with a CHN virtually or physically each week
Receive up to three months of services

“For too long, we have taken a very narrow view of healthcare – that it’s what happens when a person is in the office,” said Activate Care’s CEO and Co-Founder, Ted Quinn. “But that is not always helping people how, when and where they need it. As more healthcare providers integrate SDOH into their care delivery models, we will begin to see real change in patients’ health outcomes, satisfaction and trust in the healthcare system – and the amount we’re collectively spending on healthcare. Taking a whole-person approach to care, like Kronos Health, is a win for everyone.”

To connect with Activate Care to learn how Path Assist can address SDOH in your community, visit:

About Activate Care®
At Activate Care, we’re on a mission to improve health equity and drive improved health outcomes across the country. We do this by providing direct support to individuals navigating social health challenges. Our locally-hired workforce is trained to engage and empower individuals using best practices while leveraging secure, accessible technology. Our goal is simple: improve poor outcomes and reduce high cost due to Social Determinants of Health. We are confident of the potential of our solution, Path Assist, to positively impact the health of communities with an effective, efficient, and measurable model which is locally responsive and nationally scalable.

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About Kronos Health
Kronos Health is an innovative primary care practice serving the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts. The aim of Kronos Health is to provide better care to patients by building a comprehensive and proactive model of care. Kronos Health fundamentally re-designs how health care is delivered, especially in underserved communities. Kronos Health believes that providing sufficient time to do a good job will improve the quality of care, decrease waste and improve the satisfaction of patients and the professionals who care for them.

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