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Defining the New Era of SDOH Care: Trends and Best Practices for Stakeholders

Social needs have long been an important concern in the healthcare space, but only in the past five years have they exploded as a full-fledged trend. The trend isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, believes we are now five years into a 20-year business cycle - what we call the Era of SDOH Care. Healthcare industry stakeholders and their partners in social services who are looking to improve population health outcomes and reduce total cost of care need to understand what SDOH care means today in order to successfully find a place within it. 

Go to any industry event or conference and you will likely agree that there is perhaps no topic that's more trendy in healthcare today than SDOH. Given the evidence that social determinants impact our health more than the healthcare services we receive, it only makes sense that it would eventually become a hot topic, especially given the intersectionality between the social determinants of health and the goals of value-based care. 

Even though the topic has gained newfound attention among healthcare thought leaders, the social determinants of health have always been present in our communities and still represent a key indicator of the health of communities. Today, however, SDOH care is manifesting in new and different ways than in the past, driven by the demands of increasingly aggressive value-based contracts and state and federal policy mandates. Only now are healthcare organizations recognizing SDOH as an important part of competitive strategy for providers, payers, and social services partners. is hosting a webinar where we focus on addressing four questions about SDOH care: How big and important is the SDOH care market? What are the trends that define the new era of SDOH care? What sectors are impacted by SDOH care? What are the best practices for various stakeholders looking to win in the new era of SDOH care? 

We attempt to answer these questions by drawing from’s proprietary data, third-party data, and a number of in-depth interviews with our customers and partners who are experts in the SDOH care ecosystem. Using these perspectives, we synthesize four components that make up the new definition of SDOH care, and we'll end the webinar by laying out eleven best practices for SDOH care stakeholders.

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