Activate Care Partners with Camden Coalition to Enhance Nationally-Recognized Model of Care for Patients with Complex Health and Social Needs

Activate Care, a national provider of healthcare collaboration software for social determinants of health (SDOH), today announced a partnership with the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, a nationally renowned leader in care for people living with complex health and social needs. Based in Camden, NJ, the Camden Coalition is a citywide coalition of hospitals, healthcare and social services providers, and community representatives that collaborate to deliver better care to Camden’s most vulnerable residents.

The Camden Coalition convenes over 35 organizations regionally, working together to redesign clinical care and integrate social services with healthcare. Partnering with these stakeholders, the Camden Coalition pilots new models of complex care supported by a robust data infrastructure, cross-sector convening, and shared learning. These pilots cover several important domains in the community, including:

  • Maternal health
  • Jail-based reentry
  • Housing First
  • Medical-legal partnership
  • Addiction treatment
  • Citywide primary care connection
  • Regional social services navigation

One of the Camden Coalition's key initiatives is the Camden Core Model, its signature care management program that follows the principles of trauma-informed care and harm reduction. The Camden Coalition introduced to healthcare the concept of hotspotting, the strategic use of data to reallocate resources to a small subset of high-need, high-cost patients. The Camden Coalition uses real-time data to identify patients with frequent hospital use, who are then engaged and enrolled in the Camden Core Model. The organization’s care team visits enrolled patients in the community, helps reconcile their medications, accompanies them to doctor’s visits, and links them to social services.

“Since 2002, our aim has been to work in the Camden community and regionally to improve health and reduce costs through innovative healthcare delivery models,” said Kelly Craig, Chief Strategy & Information Officer at the Camden Coalition. “As we share our experiences with other communities across the nation that are also serving vulnerable populations, Activate Care’s health collaboration hub will help us ensure that we hold true to our model and that every individual we serve receives whole-person care rooted in authentic healing relationships.”

Within Activate Care, the Camden Coalition’s multidisciplinary care team will work with each patient to create a customized care plan centered on the patient’s goals and wishes that helps them realize their highest level of health and wellbeing. Community health workers, nurses, social workers, and other professionals will use Activate Care’s collaborative care coordination tools and user-friendly case management interface in their daily work. Supporting this work is Activate Care’s community-based, social health information network infrastructure, which is based on SMART on FHIR and bidirectionally interoperable with the Camden Coalition’s Health Information Exchange, community resource directory, and many other existing technology investments.

“From our experience supporting complex care interventions across the country, we know that vulnerable populations experience strikingly similar barriers to good health,” said Ted Quinn, CEO and Co-Founder, Activate Care. “The Camden Coalition’s leadership in the field of social determinants of health is second to none, and as the complex care movement expands across the country, we look forward to helping the Camden Coalition and the communities they inspire to deliver better care, reduce costs, and improve health equity in America.”

About Activate Care®
Activate Care's cloud-based health collaboration hub platform connects patients, families, care teams, and community partners on the journey to health and well-being. With Activate Care, everyone can act together to make healthier lives happen, wherever they are. Headquartered in Boston, Mass., Activate Care is privately held and venture-funded by the disruptive innovation investment firm, Rose Park Advisors. For more information, visit

About the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
The Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers is a multidisciplinary nonprofit organization working to improve care for people with complex health and social needs in Camden, NJ and across the country. The Camden Coalition works to advance the field of complex care by implementing person-centered programs and piloting new models that address chronic illness and social barriers to health and wellbeing. Supported by strong data, cross-sector convening, and shared learning, our community-based programs deliver better care to the most vulnerable individuals in Camden and regionally. Our local work also informs our goal of building the field of complex care across the country. For more information, visit

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