Activate Care Featured in California Health Care Foundation's Latest Medicaid Innovation Report

Activate Care, a cloud-based care coordination platform, has been featured by the PRIMED Roundtable Series on Tech-Enabled Innovation in Medicaid, produced by the California Health Care Foundation Health Innovation Fund and Village Capital.

The Roundtable Series, which toured Nashville, Boston, Denver, and Washington, DC., brought together organizations to encourage conversations surrounding the deployment of Medicaid in their respective states. At the event, organizations identified shared challenges and together evaluated a variety of vendor solutions for issues like member engagement, data accountability, data exchange, and workforce capacity.

Review the full report here

Activate Care was featured on the topic of data exchange. Activate Cares cloud-based platform is capable of securely integrating data across health and social sectors and connecting community providers on one shared platform. Using a shared platform like Activate Care to coordinate care in partnership with community-based organizations is essential to an effective, modern Medicaid delivery system. 

About Activate Care®

With Activate Care, everyone - healthcare providers, social services organizations, families, and community partners - can act together to make health happen, wherever they are. Activate CareHub™ platform promises a better, safer, less expensive, and more flexible approach to managing complex health and social needs in your community. Headquartered in Boston, Mass., Activate Care is used by hundreds of organizations across the country to help address social determinants of health. To learn more, contact

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