Activate Care Launches FLEX Blueprints, Supporting Massachusetts Medicaid ACOs Delivering Flexible Services in New Statewide SDOH Program

Activate Care, a national provider of Health Collaboration Hub software for health and social care coordination, today announces the launch of an Activate Care FLEX Blueprint to support Massachusetts Medicaid’s (MassHealth) Flexible Services 1115 Demonstration Program.

Effective January 1, 2020, the MassHealth Flexible Services Program will pay for social services that support the health-related social needs of its members, including nutrition and housing, while encouraging collaborative approaches to delivering whole person care.

Each Activate Care FLEX Blueprint is a tailor-made, cloud-based solution designed to support the end-to-end Flexible Services program defined by MassHealth for a specific Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and their partner community organizations. This includes faster and more efficient ways to:

  • Screen and assess MassHealth members for health-related social needs.
  • Collaborate with social services organizations to track and manage shared service delivery.
  • Invoice and bill for Flexible Services and derive analytics for reporting across population subgroups, geographic location, time periods, and more.

Configured specifically for organizations awarded MassHealth Flexible Services funding, the Activate Care FLEX Blueprint significantly reduces the start-up time and IT costs needed to prepare for the January 2020 program launch. Participating ACOs, Community Partners, and community-based organizations benefit from reduced administrative complexity of case management and care coordination, and by leveraging integrations with important data sources around the Commonwealth, the FLEX Blueprint can allow each Hub to benefit from newly available economies of scale. Additionally, Activate Care FLEX Blueprints ensure consistent and accurate reporting to the Commonwealth, while minimizing the administrative and procedural overhead required from ACOs and their partner organizations.

“Every day, Activate Care customers across the country successfully bridge the gap between healthcare and social services,” said Ted Quinn, Activate Care CEO and Co-founder. “MassHealth’s Flexible Services program is intended to do just that, but it is launching on a very short timeline. After months of extensive research in the market, we designed the FLEX Blueprints to help providers bring this collaborative SDOH care model to life – and not get bogged down thinking about technology or administrative chores.”

Activate Care's Health Collaboration Hub software platform serves as the technology infrastructure for Medicaid-supported, multisector integration programs throughout the country, including Whole Person Care programs in numerous counties in the State of California, and Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) programs in Massachusetts.

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