Sustaining Community Dialogues Around Anti-Racism

Written by Activate Care Staff

As the Activate Care team reflects upon the impact of current events in our work and personal lives, several of our colleagues have worked to create and facilitate a series of virtual "safe space" meetings.

We recently spent time together virtually to continue the discussion on structural racism, implicit bias, and becoming anti-racist.

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Make Space for Learning

Learning is the catalyst for change. Our first step has been to ensure we have created the conditions and climate for learning amongst ourselves.

Extend Past Comfort

If you look above at the 3 spheres of becoming anti-racist, what we’re really doing is pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones.

Maintain Momentum

Anti-racism is not a destination, but a habit. We are working to move this into action, with momentum, so that we let this moment be truly meaningful. 

Disrupt Ourselves

To understand our biases, we must look internally. For growth to happen, we often have to leave something else behind. This is the work of disrupting ourselves.

Research What Works 

Many leaders have a desire to show there is change - but there is evidence that simply forcing people to think about diversity doesn't achieve an increase in diversity. Here are resources we have shared internally to move forward together towards sustainable and lasting change: