Creating a Safe Space in Your Organization to Discuss Structural Racism, Injustice, and Inequity

Written by Activate Care Staff

To help our own team process current events in a supportive space, several of our colleagues have worked to create and facilitate a series of virtual "safe space" meetings.

Here are some of our main considerations in this work:

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Be Timely

People are struggling and in pain. We all need space to process difficult events. As a facilitator, it may be helpful to let go of the need to get it perfect. Dialogue needs to happen now. Colleagues are suffering. 

Be Explicit

These conversations are centered around racism and the death of black men and women. It is always more comfortable to speak in generic and equivocating terms, but the moment we are in demands dialogue in explicit terms.

Set Ground Rules

Then, stick to them. It is important to step into a conversation with intention. Emotions will arise, and that's okay. Ground rules help the process.

Make it Ongoing

Commit to fostering ongoing opportunities for conversation and learning. Don't make this a one-time conversation to make leadership feel better about "doing something." Systems change takes time.

Do the Work

Lastly, don't expect or ask colleagues of color to teach. It can be damaging, and that is not their job.