Funding CBOs Through Medicaid: How Does It Work?

There is widespread recognition in the United States that the nation needs to invest more in strategies to address the social determinants of health as...

March 10, 2021|Activate Care Staff

2019 Medicaid Trends: State Medicaid Financing Strategies

Medicaid's impact on the national healthcare system is hard to overstate. As of June 2018, Medicaid provided coverage to about one in five Americans, o...

July 3, 2019|Akshita Singh

2019 Medicaid Trends: Consumer Engagement & Access Strategies

As Medicaid remains dynamic and evolving, 2019 is likely to see many changes in the program. Medicaid provides health and long-term care coverage to mo...

July 2, 2019|Akshita Singh

Upside-only MSSP ACOs, unwilling to assume downside financial risk, confront CMS proposed changes for 2019

The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) launched in 20...

October 19, 2018|Akshita Singh
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