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Advancing Mental Health Access Through Community Collaboration

Mental health issues are one of the many challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated. Because...

Celebrating National Nurses Week 2021

With this year's National Nurses Week drawing to a close, we want to highlight the vital role nurses play in delivering...

Funding Opportunities in Community Health: Late Spring 2021

Funding Opportunities  

A Look at the Community Health Impact of Legalized Cannabis

The latest data from Pew Research is in, and the trend is clear: Americans overwhelmingly support the legalization of...

How CIE Can Improve Patient Experience

Community information exchange*, or CIE, is a community-based strategy for improving the delivery and integration of...

Funding CBOs Through Medicaid: How Does It Work?

There is widespread recognition in the United States that the nation needs to invest more in strategies to address the...
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